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Chili Crab Pasta

by Soul Alife


4.14 (7)

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7 August 2020
Really enjoyed the sauce :-) and felt that the nori improved the taste as well.

Only wished there would be a variation in ingredients other than the monkey head mushroom! Will be back to try the other dishes too

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9 January 2021
The Chilli Krab Pasta cost $13.90.

It came with lion's mane mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and shredded nori. The sauce was quite spicy and nice. However the dish got a little less exciting after a while due to the lack of variety in...

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4 August 2020
I liked the taste though it’s little spicy.

The crab chunks texture was good and it went very well with the sauce and pasta. The addition of sea weed makes it perfect!

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2 October 2020
The sauce was the star of this dish, it was really good although superrrr spicy.

Sadly the spaghetti is kinda dry and not that good.

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30 August 2019
Chili Crab Pasta was soooo good!!

Homemade rich and savoury spicy chili crab sauce made every mouthful of pasta a bliss!😘👌 Plus the crispy moneyhead mushrooms was a great complement! Soul shiok!!

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21 August 2019
It's spicy, but the cherry tomatoes adds sweetness to the dish.

There's also shredded bits of seaweed which I really liked. There's a generous amount of lionmane mushrooms, which are crispy and chewy. Overall, I enjoyed it.

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9 August 2020
national day special!

really hearty spicy spaghetti with toasty lione’s mane mushrooms. The spice level is pretty high so really recommend if you love

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