Sweet Potato Fries

  • Is Sweet Potato Fries vegan? Yes! Sweet Potato Fries is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

super crunchy and yummy sweet potato fries which came piping hot! The portion size was

bigger than I expected and I definitely find it worth the price ~

#VeganIsNotScary #076

Love sweet potatoes ❤️ the fries was yummy and good! Outside crispy &

a bit salty. Inside sift and sweet, quite nice 👍🏻

A newly added on their menu. Fries are crispy. Taste-wise, I love the combination of

sweet and salty flavor! #crf

Pretty crispy even till the end after it'd been left for a while. Nice if

you like your fries to be on the slightly thicker side #veganisnotscary

Sweet potato fries over regular fries any day! This one was a delightfully crisp balance

of sweet and salty.

Delicious and goes down so easily. The fries don't feel too oily/greasy and the texture

is neither too hard&rough nor soft&flimsy. I do think it could be enhanced with a little something surprising, like cinnamon powder for example.

Can’t be going out to eat, but they packaged it really well for the takeaway

option :) Was sweet and yummy, would love to eat this again!

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