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  • Sizzling pancake
  • Sizzling pancake

Sizzling pancake

by Simple Joy Vegetarian Cuisine


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23 January 2020
A friend of mine advised me to get this, saying that it was a savory

pancake, not the typical American sweet pancake. I declined, thinking it was a Korean pancake, which I do like, but wanted something different. So he ordered it for himself, and when they presented it to him, I regretted not taking his advice, seeing that this was a Banh Xeo, a Vietnamese pancake, one of my favorite comfort foods growing up, which my mom still makes for me sometimes when I visit! Fortunately, my kind friend let me have half of it. This one had tofu, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and broccoli. Not to crazy about the combination of the fillings, but loved the pancake itself. Next time I try this, I will ask if they can make it with their mock shrimp and bean sprouts, more like a traditional one. #aloha

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