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Reuben’s Vegan Brother Steve

by Shift Eatery


4.35 (12)

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1 October 2021
Best cafe for coffee and a sandwich
They also do great bowls


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Not the best photo again but omg, all time favorite along with the Join The

Club. Such an Aussie classic, too. Amazing with the sauerkraut and the cheese! So good.

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Omg! This vegan Reuben sandwich is the real deal. Tasted soooo good, and has

zero meat or dairy. It usually includes sauerkraut but I told them to hold it because I am not a fan.

I'm on holiday in Australia right now and they seem to have a pretty great selection of vegan options. This restaurant here is 100% vegan too. Happy to see that! Loving this place so far 😎👍

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Oh my! This is my favorite on this restaurant. They used a vegan corned beaf

which tasted like a meat loaf. It has sauerkraut, russian dressing and cheddar. I like how the bread is slightly toasted. I will definitely come back for this for the third time before I leave Sydney!

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This sandwich is a classic. The bread is really soft a d the vegan beef

has a strong flavour and tastes so good. It comes with cheese and mayo to make it really good combination

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Tourist here! Was in Sydney for 2 days and this place got my business on

both days. I love to have a Reuben at a vegan place and this tasted just like a good American Reuben.

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This is a tasty sandwich, but none of the elements really wowed me. I think

a different style of bread would help but I'd still eat it again any day :)

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