by Shake Farm
4.44 (50)
  • Is Veganlicious vegan? Yes! Veganlicious is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Hard to have any regrets about what you’ve ordered when this bad boy of a

salad hits your table 💪🏽

It’s got everything… nuts, seeds, pumpkin, chopped red onions, beetroot hummus and the most delicious grilled vegan cashew feta all sitting on a bed of spinach. It’s really filling and yet so light and perfect. 🥳

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🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 wow! Can’t believe I haven’t had this before! Has just about everything I love

in a salad and a homemade vegan feta which was absolutely delish!

Which photo do you like more? I’m trying to figure out what works better!

#shakefarm #bestof #sgtop50

Back at the usual spot for #officelunches! This time I stepped away from the #byo

bowl to their veganlicious bowl! Generous with baby spinach, roasted veggies, beetroot hummus, chickpeas and more! Enjoyed this dish but will go back to my #byo bowl next time 😛


The veganlicious bowl was really yummy with quinoa, smoked cashew cheese (nut culture) and an

amazing blend of different ingredients and herbs and spices that worked well together. #veganisnotscary #shakefarm

A protein bowl packed with spinach and quinoa! Their cashew cheese is really yummy and

the other ingredients added (cranberries, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin and squash) makes the meal a wonderful concoction of flavours and colours! 😋


Kicking off the October challenge with this colorful vegan protein bowl. It tastes as good

as it looks! The vegan cashew cheese was yummy, swapped the seeds with spiced nuts for added crunch. Indeed #veganisnotscary 👻🎃

This is really a superb salad and I was very impressed that it still held

up even though I had it delivered as lots of other salads tend to get a bit soggy. All the vegetables were super fresh and worked perfectly together and although the portion looked a bit small to me at first, it did fill me up. What really made it for me was the bits of cashew cheese that were just the right amount of cheesy to bring everything together. At $19.90 though it’s probably one of the most expensive salads I’ve had and not something I can spend on regularly, but definitely for a healthy treat!


The vegan cheese was absolutely divine but it was a bit of a let down

especially given the price point (it was almost 20 including gst and service tax). There was also way too much leaf in this which I only finished cauz I paid 20 bucks for this. 🙃 The beetroot hummus was a bit too watery and the elements on the plate didn’t taste good together (even though they were ready good individually). It’s not bad, it’s just not that great either 🙈

PS: There was complementary sparkling water and the staff was really nice!


Wow! This is so amazing and filling! The cashew cheese was smooth and tangy, the

carrots and squash was roasted to perfection, and the hummus was phenomenal! I will definitely order this again! #veganisnotscary

This dish has the best vegan cheese I've tasted so far! 😮 It's delicious, healthy,

and very substantial as a meal.

This was also my first time ordering food delivery with Barepack, super happy to try this out and will definitely be doing this more!


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