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Today s salad was excellent. Enjoyed the tasty falafel, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, murukku pieces

The trick to ordering online & BYOing is to order in the queue at the

stall & tell the staff that you want it in your BYO box haha. They don’t give you the extra topping if you order online though. (Had to order online so I can redeem this free bowl with a code from a giveaway.) The beyond meat tastes like a strange mix of artificial Chinese mock meat with a super meaty aftertaste. Would definitely have preferred it if the beyond meat patty was served sliced up or whole on TOP of the whole salad, so it doesn’t absorb too many flavours. Super fresh and nutritious ingredients and yu sheng crackers that otherwise complemented each other well though :) Wished that we could swap some ingredients for free; wanted to try the seasonal sweet potato hummus in place of the red pepper hummus crey #redpepper #hummus #beyond #beyondmeat #patty #salad

This salad had interesting flavors, especially with the pickles. The combo of veggies worked well.

I got the #ImpossibleShitake patty instead of the Beyond one, and it was really yummy. Sadly they didn’t give me the red pepper hummus, which I didn’t notice until I was back at my desk. Love how #saladstop is really picking up their game!

I was feeling down the entire week due to work so decided to drop by

and grab an 'out of the oridnary salad' from saladstop. I picked Beyond Me for two reasons - It has quinoa which is more substantial and it contains beyond meat (only second try this time). I like saladstop on their preparation. It amazes me how they can chopped and mixed all the ingredients so nicely that each bite is full of umami goodness. I had the dressing on the side this time as I was packing it away but honestly. I really think that eating on its own is good enough! Would I get this again? Maybe if I am running out of choice or craving for some budget-friendlier beyond meat. Not that it's not good, but I still prefer cooked asian food :p #veganin2020

A nice, comforting salad. Satisfying; lots of quinoa. Many ingredients inside including edamame and beetroot.

Beyond Meat pieces were really flavorful, enjoyed them even though Beyond has a bit of neh neh taste. Shared with @richap #vegbuddies

This dish contains quinoa, romaine, beyond meat patty, warm spiced chickpeas, edamame, cherry tomatoes, sweet

corn, beet root, cucumber pickle, Japanese miso and red pepper hummus. I love how fresh the vegetables were. The hummus tasted like chilli sauce to me and it imparts most of the flavor of the dish. The beyond meat is amazing as always! Overall, I find it a bit mediocre.

The Vegan Beyond Me cost $13.80. This warm grain bowl came with quinoa, romaine lettuce,

shredded beetroot, corn, cherry tomatoes, edamame, tangy cucumber pickle, Japanese miso, a dollop of red pepper hummus, plus a free breadstick. There were also quite a few pieces of Beyond Meat patty.

This has a piece of Beyond Meat patty, edamame, quinoa, corn, crackers, cherry tomatoes, red

pepper hummus, beetroot and romaine lettuce. It's not cheap but the portion is huge. The hummus was great, wish there were more of it! The Beyond patty tasted weird, like it was trying too hard to be meat and I didn't remember it tasting like this when I tried it at the Hyatt 🤔Not sure if I'd have this again, probs gonna be a no from me dawg :/

Looks a bit different from the picture. Hah~ the lettuce is fresh and crispy crunchy.

The flavors from pickled cucumber, cherry tomatoes, corn and the Japanese miso sauce is generally good. Beyond meat patty, actually tasted more like tau pok to me. All in a all quite a filling dish.

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