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Comes with miso sauce but not sure if it’s vegan bc the staff told me

that “it’s not fully vegetarian, it just has no meat”. I asked if it meant it contains dairy and she said yes 🤷🏻‍♀️
Anyway it tastes delicious without the sauce/dressing, lots of different veggies and I’m just happy I can get vegan sushi!

Savoury dressing that balance and give the sushi a flavourful side. Seaweed is fragrant! Enjoyed

and finished everything on my own!

There's a lot of good stuff in here like asparagus, sweet potato, avocado, cucumber, even

jicama and sprouts, but the sauce they put on top kind of overpowered the freshness of the veggies and made everything taste blah. 🙄 I'd probably go back and ask them to make it without the sauce!

#rollieolie #sushi #rollin

An extremely healthy, nutrition packed #sushi roll with asparagus, avocado, sweet potato, cucumber, kanpyo and

a few others. Garnished with alfalfa sprouts and a savoury miso sauce, it was a complete meal in itself. Quite pricy, but the vegetable variety is unmatched.

Thanks @amindfulmiao for introducing me to this! The first word that comes to mind describing

it would be “filling”, but the combination of seaweed, avocado, and miso sauce was quite satisfying too. I’d come back for more.

Healthy and wholesome dish, but the sauce overpowered it. Would ask them to do it

without the sauce next time. Would've liked more seaweed too as I'm a huge seaweed fan.

To me these rolls were okay, looked healthy just not sure of it. liked the

presentation and the taste. Just was not spicy enough for me had to use the sauce from gyoza to eat them.
Not sure if they even supposed to be spicy 🙈.
Yes they were so fresh (specially the sprouts on the top) and the combo of gyoza and rolls were filling.

I enjoyed how the sauce that the sushi was covered it as it gave it

a slightly different taste from your standard veganised sushi

Huge fan of this roll. My friend Shonalie introduced me to it, and it's available

on MealPal too!

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