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Most helpful reviews

Delicious! You have a choice of roasted cauliflower or fried. I chose roasted, and I

was very satisfied! The bread, sauce, greens and roasted cauliflower were all very delicious and I highly recommend.

I really enjoyed this Po Boy. I requested my cauliflower fried but you can also

get it roasted. The cashew remoulade is excellent.

Incredible! I've been looking forward to coming to Reverie for months and I was not

disappointed! I got my cauliflower fried but you can get it baked if you're looking for a healthier option. It also comes with a side salad but I upgrades to rosemary potato wedges (I'm clearly not vegan for my health).

Got this with the roasted cauliflower (the other option is fried), and it was super

flavorful (although a bit messy to eat, but maybe I was being a slob, lol). (Also, *airhorn* for 900 reviews.)

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