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Most helpful reviews

Incredibly juicy, crispy on the outside and tender inside! 10/10

yum! it’s a small bite of five skewers. made of mushroom, in my opinion this

texture is perfect for satay. the peanut sauce is a little watery for my liking but i found it to be delicious anyway and still consumed it all- this just meant i had to spend more time getting enough of it all over my skewers.. sluuuurp 🤓 #veganuary

Monkey head mushroom satay! Really good, but the portion is kinda small for the price

of 6.50. the sauce was really nice as well and went well with both the satay and the cucumber chunks.


Another winner. Loved how tender the mushroom satay. Beautifully flavoured, and goes so well with

the peanut sauce on the side. #veganin2020

The yummiest satay ive ever had! Very flavourful and cheap. Makes it better that it

was made of mushrooms! 10/10

Yum! The peanut sauce is so good and the mushrooms have been marinated in a

very tasty way :9

tastes pretty good but a little on the pricey side imo at $6 if i

remember correctly.

Toothsome fried monkeyhead mushroom satay, vegan according to the counter staff (menu wasn't labelled). 🍄🍢

Served with cucumber slices and accompanying spicy peanut sauce that was fragrant albeit oily. 🥒🥜🌶️ Nice side for sharing! (Allium-free, $7) #sgvegan #chinesefood #alliumfree #wholefoodplantbased #wfpb

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