Mushroom Soy Carbonara

by Real Food
4.24 (15)
  • Is Mushroom Soy Carbonara vegan? Yes! Mushroom Soy Carbonara is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

this vegan carbonara was so good!! didn’t had carbonara in so long and this was


I've been craving a creamy pasta dish and this hit the spot! Would definitely order


Carbonara is one of those dishes I have insane cravings for, and that’s soo hard

to find a vegan substitute! So thankful that Real Food offers this soy carbonara so that my cravings are satisfied 🥰 The sauce was so creamy and light, so I didn’t feel too full after the meal. Would have loved to see some #vegan cheese topping on the pasta though! #veganisnotscary

Lovely al dente spaghetti cooked with assorted mushrooms in a vegan white cream sauce made

of soy milk. Flavoured with herbs and topped with nutritional yeast for a cheesy texture. Good to order this if you want a dish with sauce.

Very well cooked vegan carbonara! Like that the spagetti are smooth and firm, and the

rich creamy sauce!

Creaminess is just nice, not too thick or thin. I like how the dish is well seasoned, very natural flavour and not too salty.

Craving for pasta tonight and lazy to cook. Happy that Real Food in Yishun is

now on Grab! This mushroom pasta is really tasty and not too “thick” in the gravy. Nice light and creamy.

The Somerset outlet cooks this much better 😅 The sauce was watery, with ingredients visibly

separating and tasting too much like nutritional yeast rather than savoury soy carbonara sauce. Not sure if it’s just a one-off quality issue that day.

It is a vegan dish! The mushrooms are well-cooked with right amount of chewiness. Love

the soy carbonara

Very flavourful sauce and mushrooms were great. Totally did not miss any real cheese here.

I loved it!! The sauce is abundant and has umami flavour :) They’re not petty

with the mushrooms!

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