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OG Ramen

by Ramen Hood


4.72 (10)

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8 November 2020
These are the best ramen in the world.

Everything was 🔥 : broth, noodles, veggies ! And the vegan egg 🤯 omg I was so excited to try it and wasn’t disappointed !! A MUST try

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10 June 2020
Super delicious Ramen, really large serving bowl and definitely filling.

We also ordered the avocado toast, which was good but I wouldn’t order again.

This place is located in the Grand Central Market. Went here a couple of years ago and at the time, Ramen Hood was one of the only vegan options...

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8 July 2019
I went to the original location from visiting the Manhattan pop-up two times.

Always go for the #richassbroth. The OG ramen is simple but delicious and if you’re feeling for an egg, ask for the vegan egg. It can really make the...

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12 January 2020
Best ramen I’ve ever had (vegan or not)!!

So creamy, savory and rich 🍜🌿✨

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26 February 2021
Vegan ramen is so good!

Not sure if the egg is worth it, but it looks really cool!

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19 December 2019
The garlic ramen was great- nice big chunks of garlic cloves.

The vegan egg is a nice touch (not pictured) has a great texture and consistency. Noodles are thick like a soba noodle. Lots of flavor, wish there were more...

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5 December 2019
That broth is what dreams are made of!!

And the vegan egg? What magic is this? Loved it.

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3 December 2019
Was epic.

Mind blown with how amazing the broth and taste was! Worth every dollar

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11 April 2018
the flavor is so rich and beautiful.

it is the best vegan ramen i have ever tasted

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21 April 2020
By far the best vegan ramen I’ve ever had!!

The noodles are delicious and the broth is to die for.

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