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The one with all the seasons

by Purezza Brighton


4.44 (18)

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24 January 2022
A very interesting pizza with artichokes, beetroot, olives and more!

I enjoyed the toppings but next time would try something else as they did tend to sog out the crust. Bonus points for being a fully vegan pizzeria! #londoneats #pizza #veganrestaurant

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19 May 2022
Within the first week of my trip, I was already craving for veggies to balance

out the imbalances of how badly I was eating for the last 2 weeks so decided to go for this option. Love artichoke anything tbh so this fuelled my veggie needs. The dough below is kinda “wet” which I didn’t mind but may not be what others like.

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3 January 2022
My favourite #pizza from my favourite pizza place :)) I don’t know which was

better: the colourful and flavourful array of toppings like wild forest mushrooms, artichoke and beetroot, or the perfectly soft and chewy pizza dough. Though it’s expensive here, it’s definitely worth it, and I love how the food is all #100percentplantbased, #locallysourced and that they use recycled/refurbished materials to decorate their restaurants :)

#veganbrighton #veganpizza #takeaway

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10 October 2021
I’m still looking out for a decent pizza in London.

This one was alright, I appreciated the mozzarella and probably is the best one I’ve tried so far! but the dough was quite chewy…

#veganisnotscary #pizza

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9 June 2022
This was sooo nice!!

🥰🥰🥰 Their cheese is really good and all the toppings were great. The dough was really soft and thin (except the edges, obviously), which I loved.

It was a little too big for me but big portions seemed common in London 😂

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12 May 2023
Really tasty.

Got without the mozzarella as prefer pizza without but was still amazing.

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24 July 2021
Went to Pureeza in Manchester for the first time the other night.

It was absolutely delicious! Please support vegan businesses! 🥰🥰🥰 xxx

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4 July 2022
Buonissima, una delle migliori mai mangiate come gusto nell’insieme.

Mozzarella veg spaziale (scioglievole ma senza quel sapore di olio di cocco fastidioso che in genere hanno).

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11 May 2022
This pizza is delicious.

I always take this everytime I visit purezza, it's just amazing. Also very nutricious, with veggies and wholegrain dough.

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16 April 2022
#vacaloura #santuariovacaloura #uncorazonparavacaloura

This one was delicious as well! I would have never thought about beetroot in a pizza, but it turned out pretty well with the artichokes, the olives and the tomato. It's a good one if you want to feel lighter too!

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