Plant-Based Truffled Mushroom Swiss Burger

  • Is Plant-Based Truffled Mushroom Swiss Burger vegan? Yes! Plant-Based Truffled Mushroom Swiss Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Choice of Impossible Meat patty or Beyond Meat patty. Creamy field mushrooms, vegan swiss cheese sauce, caramelised onions, wild rocket, vegan truffle mayonnaise, vegan bu

4.16 (88)

onion and gluten


onion and gluten

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Most helpful reviews

Prive has a few vegan options now and this is my fave. A great and

tasty burger!! Be sure to check with the staff that its #veganized (cheese and sauce)

I asked my husband to choose the chickpea patty but he got the Impossible instead

AND I'm not complaining!
This burger was fabulous – very truffle-y, very shroomy and absolutely delicious.

Got with both patty options. This one was with the Beyond Meat patty.
I didn’t actually

find this burger too exciting. As one of the more expensive items on the menu as well I was disappointed.
The patty was good and I appreciated the wedges but the sauce was unimpressive. Vegan cheese I honestly did not even notice it in the burger and the mushrooms were a little dry. Could have been done better
#burger #beyondmeat

Did not enjoy the impossible burger this time. It was way too meaty for my

liking and I didn’t love that it came with chips instead of fries or wedges.
The burger was a decent size for me but I Can imagine many saying it’s too small.
The mushrooms again were dry, couldn’t taste the vegan cheese
#burger #impossibleburger

Sometimes you just need a dirty burger...and this is it! The mushrooms, onions, cheese and

truffle mayo make for a goo-ey, creamy topping which makes this burger feel like proper fast-food, but it's quite indulgent. 😋

#InThis: Creamy field mushrooms, vegan Swiss cheese sauce, caramelised onions, wild rocket, vegan truffle mayonnaise, vegan bun, fries, mesclun

First time trying Prive's take on the Impossible Burger and I really enjoyed it. They

pair it with mushrooms and caramelised onions, as well as truffle sauce and vegan cheese. So it's a heartily satisfying, messy burger, and hits the spot if you're looking for a burger - while not being too oily or overpowering. Comes with mesclun on the side and thick-cut French fries.


The potato chips at the side is so sinfully good and crunchy. I am not

a fan of the arugula salad as I find it bitter. The Impossible patty is a bit small on this burger. #crf

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