Strawberry Shortcake (Slice)

  • Is Strawberry Shortcake (Slice) vegan? Yes! Strawberry Shortcake (Slice) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Decadent layers of eggless strawberry sponge and whipped plant-based cream with strawberries, garnished with chopped roasted pistachio.

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This location of Privé has a breathtaking view of the enchanting light-up waterfall. Eating here

was surely a memorable experience!

I indulged in their strawberry shortcake for dessert, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. The cake was delicious and had a unique light and fluffy texture. What made it even more delightful were the fresh strawberry pieces embedded in the frosting. It was a perfect balance, not too sweet nor too bland, and it was just the right to satisfy my sweet tooth without giving me a food coma!

Additionally, my family had the vegan carrot cake and Oreo mud slide, which was akin to a vegan cookies n’ crème ice cream cake slice. The vegan dessert options in this restaurant were not only varied but also incredibly appetizing.

We were equally impressed by the main dishes we had ordered. Tracy’s Salad and vegan marinara pasta were brimming with flavor and left us craving more. Unfortunately, we were too engrossed in our meals to take pictures before they were completely devoured!

This restaurant’s vegan-friendly options were impressive and encompassed main courses, sides, and desserts. The dining experience was further enhanced by the soothing ambiance, making it one of the best vegan dining experiences I’ve ever had. I highly recommend this restaurant to fellow vegans and those exploring vegan options. You’ll undoubtedly appreciate the extensive menu and captivating environment.

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the cream on the cake was super yummy!! definitely resembled non vegan strawberry shortcakes and

I really enjoyed this slice. the sponge was a bit on the dry and dense side though - if it had been fluffy it'd have been perfect!

It was lovely to have a strawberry shortcake after so long. Texture of the cake

was perfect and strawberry flavor made for a light and tasty desert. The slice seemed a bit small compared to portions of other desserts like their tiramisu.

I love cakes and Prive is a vegan cake lover heaven

I love strawberries, so

this is an awesome treat for me

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Layers of eggless strawberry sponge cake and jelly-covered strawberry slices, smothered in fluffy vegan whipped

cream. 🍰🍓 Appreciated that it wasn't too cloyingly rich or sweet! The texture of the sponge cake was somewhat dry and crumbly in my opinion though. 🙈 The cake slice was also supposed to be garnished with chopped roasted pistachio nuts when served, but it was missing from ours... 🫠 ($8) #sgvegan #veganoptions #sgdessert #sgbakes #sgcakes

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