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Absolute Goodness in a bowl.
if you’re looking for a non-vegan place with plenty of

vegan options, Privé is one of the friendlier places to consider. They have a decent range of vegan dishes, all beautifully done. They also have a carnist-friendly menu for non-vegan friends and family who need their meat. try as I may, I’m always too full to try their vegan desserts after, so maybe plan ahead.

Very tasty, lots of granola, fruits nice and fresh - really good start to the

day. Love the coconut cream instead of dairy yogurt

$16! it was under the all day breakfast section and therefore came with all the

mains, which was kinda weird because we were all eating halfway when the acai bowl came and we were like :O HAHAHA probably should specify to come later if this is dessert! because we ate it later the acai wasn’t that cold anymore as it was going up to room temp. it was okay, quite creamy and quite generous with their toppings! but with the serving size and kind of toppings that went with it, maybe not that worth $16 which is pretty pricey for an acai bowl. the granola clusters were also quite hard, but the fruits were really fresh! quite meh, would rather haakon or an acai affair which has cookie butter:” #veganisnotscary

I love an acai bowl done right, but it’s hard to find. My main issue

with this one is as a clean eater, I take 0 sugar in my diet (lots of fruits, extremely little processed food). So the taste of the fake sugar/syrup really bothered me. The granola was hard to chew and I know it will be hard from my digestive system to break down. I would love to see this bowl sticking to fruits, ideally with proper fruits combining, bits of shaved coconut and little nuts and that would be perfect.

$16 is a bit steep for an acai bowl but Prive’s is pretty awesome decked

out in granola, banana, berries, mango, dragon fruit, chia seeds and toasted coconut. The perfect brunch concoction on a hot day.

This is the awesome açai bowl from privé. It tastes good and refreshing, after a

long hot day of walking around I came to privé and decided to order this meal. It felt very cooling and I was very relaxed afterwards. I definitely recommend if your like açai bowls. You should give it a try ! :)

I am a big fan of açai bowls so I was very intrigued to try

it at one of my favourite Singapore restaurants, Prive.

It’s not bad, yet I believe there should be more of açai itself as that’s what I am kinda rooting for. It felt like a granola bowl with a bit of açai, instead of the opposite.

Granola is delicious, tho.

I love coming to prive for their range of vegan treats! This is a great

way to start the weekend - fresh fruit, crunchy granola, and creamy coconut ice cream to bring it all together :)

As the name suggests! It’s awesome! Love the crunchy toasted coconut flakes and the big

chunks of fruits. Particularly satisfying after riding under the hot sun before lunch 🤤

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