Oreo Mudpie

  • Is Oreo Mudpie vegan? Yes! Oreo Mudpie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Housemade Oreo cookie base & crumble, affogato swirl nice cream, chocolate sauce

3.91 (34)

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Most helpful reviews

Loved this amazing dessert!! The flavors were rich and yummy!! The ice cream sandwich completed

my dinner experience at Prive! $13 SGD. #chocoholic #desserts

This is not your childhood mudpie.

This is a complex espresso infused mudpie, with a

vegan icecream that is dense and cuts smooth like butter. The aromatic cookie base is well combined with roasted coffee beans, and paired beautifully with the ice-cream, and topped with the best chocolate sauce.

I can't believe this is vegan, as the ice-cream had zero coconut or soy taste.

It's just good dessert, and I'm ecstatic I had a chance to try this!

Had this Oreo mudpie today amongst 3 vegan desserts we ordered. It's light, it's creamy,

it's got a hint of coffee, and the Oreo base was essential. If you feel like having an Oreo mudpie, I'd say go for it!

#oreomudpie #dessert #oreo #veganisnotscary

This wasn’t exactly an orea mudpie but more of an affogato mudpie but I’m not

complaining. Only the base is made of orea, the dominant flavour was the the hint of coffee with vanilla ice cream for me! You have to like the taste of coffee to enjoy this one as there are bitter and tangy notes to the affogato. It would be worth renaming this though because my Sister who hates coffee ordered this and ended up giving me her dessert 😅 I would say go for it only if you’re a coffee lover!


This is perhaps my new favorite dessert in Prive. The oreo base is nice and

crunchy and added a great texture while the ice cream layer is smooth and creamy. #veganuary

*CHOCO COMA trigger warning* unfortunately not for me! Overloaded with oreos (which you might love),

I only took 2 bites and left the rest to my partner 🙈 hardcore #chocoholic presumably!

I was expecting this to be a cake, but it is actually an ice cream

cake. It is made with affogato swirl nice cream inbetween their housemade oreo cookie base & crumble, drizzled with a generous amount of chocolate sauce. Absolutely delightful and perfect for any coffee or oreo lovers out there.

My sister wanted to order this to try so we gotten one to share amongst

ourselves. I guess this was pretty underrated as it does not seem to be a popular choice among the diners but this totally blew my mind! I really cant believed that this is vegan. The ice cream was a mixture of coffee and vanilla and i enjoyed the bitterness of the coffee in the ice cream and the cookie crusts was awesome. Would totally order this another day on a warm weekend with my favourite cuppa :D

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