Hainanese Chicken Rice

by Privé Wheelock
4.21 (119)
  • Is Hainanese Chicken Rice vegan? Yes! Hainanese Chicken Rice is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Fragrant brown rice, housemade chilli, ginger, dark soya sauce, Heura plant-based ‘chicken’, vegetable broth

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Pick the Heura plant-based chicken to veganize this dish :)
I can't remember what "the real

thing" is supposed to taste like but I'm damn sure this would convince most people to switch 😏 Wanted to verify for myself if this was really worth #3 on abillionveg's top 50 dish awards and boy did it knock my socks off 🙈

Big fan of #heura - it's my favourite plant-based meat substitute! The housemade chilli is worthy of an entry in the Top 50 Vegan Sauces/Dips 😋

#sgtop50 #veganfoodtrail with @anjjaliii
Photo credits to @meowmeowfuzzyface moooo 🐮

Ahora se porque está dentro de los mejores platos veganos en Singapur 🙌 (en la

mesa ponen un menú mencionando el rankings que hizo #abillionveg 2da foto)
Es un plato típico de acá de Singapur (básicamente pollo con arroz 🙈) pero las salsas que usan son riquisimas!!
Lo hiper recomiendo #sgtop50

Take a backseat #reviewwithaview 🪑 I think this is fully worthy of that #reviewistheview merit

🙌 Both me and my friend opted for this! They have an omnivorous version too, which I imagine those with wrong opinions and far too much money are willing to spend on 😘 This really is just a vegan rendering of traditional #hainanesechickenrice 🐣 You know, just without the cruelty 💛 They’ve used some kind of #fuchuk or #beancurd for the #veganchicken I believe, giving it a nice bitey texture and very chicken-like skin. The taste doesn’t impress me as much as that of Halaveg in PJ 🇲🇾 https://www.abillion.com/reviews/6240846027a69e009512fd03 but the combination of the plating, the soup, and the sauce tray brings everything together quite quaintly 👨‍🍳 You get a choice of white or brown rice too, much appreciated, as I imagine people may want to opt between the healthier or more authentic option respectively. I found the brown rice to have a gingery taste, really spot on for #chickenrice 😋 I may not get this a second time, but it might just be the omnivore buy-in to persuade the likes of my #significantomnivore 🫣 *wink wink nudge nudge* @synthwave0470 💕

Possibly the best vegan chicken rice in the world, I dare say. (Though to be

honest I didn’t quite go all over Singapore or the world to taste much. Me and the chefs just kept trying to hit the standards we think good real chicken rice should be and get as close as we can. We’re proud of it.). And quite healthy to boot - soy textured Heura chicken alternative and served with brown rice. #veganchickenrice #hainanesechickenrice #privetiongbahru #singaporechickenrice #heura @foodsfortomorrow @greenmonday_singapore

Posted by the owner, who personally vouches for the dish and therefore would highly recommend it :)

The star of the dish- the vegan chicken! Looks wise- the vegan chicken really aced

in replicating the real chicken. I can even see the pores of the skin as if the feathers had been plucked off. The top layer skin peels off easily like the real one. #veganisnotscary when I have vegan options over the real one. Yet it can be really scary when it looks like the real stuff….!

The vegan chicken is really soft. The soy sauce over the chicken, however, is a little light. I would love more sesame oil to be added. It would be so perfect 🤩

I am truly impressive with the presentation. The wooden tray gives a sense of space boundaries of everything being kept together nicely - the condiments, soup, vegan soy chicken, & brown rice. Initially, the condiment was placed in the center of the tray, & the plate of chicken is placed with the end facing me. I feel much better can rearranging them 😜 You can see in the before & after in the photos.

There are many factors that made a good plate of chicken rice awesomely #1! For me, it is that simple bowl of soup, so often overlooked. A good bowl of soup can be easily made with lots of flavors when it is meat based. But, it takes skills & a commitment to high level dining experience to make a good vegan bowl of soup. It isn’t simply salt, seasoning power or MSG. A good bowl of soup demonstrate a chef’s love to make a good plate of chicken rice. The soup is clear & light with neatly & skillfully sliced spring onions floating. It is lightly seasoned. I would love the soup to be more flavourful. A few drops of sesame oil would be perfect! I like that it was served really hot-Food serves hot brings out flavours more 😋

Ginger is the next I tasted after the soup. I can’t taste any sesame oil 😩 I would love sesame ginger 🫚The chilli 🌶️ is mildly spicy, I would love it to be spicer. The dark soy sauce is pleasantly sweet😊 These three condiments when added together with the rice & chicken bring the whole dish up to the next level!

The rice is very healthy. Brown rice is served instead of white rice. I would like the rice to be more flavourful with ginger & sesame oil.

The service at Tiong Baru branch varies tremendously too. The level of service really depends on who is on shift when I dine there. Over my four visits in a week, for the first two visits, the waitress is the same & there is a waiter too. Both are very attentive & always there when I want anything. For the later two visits, the waitress is another one. I often don’t see her around & have to wait long for my order to be taken.

At $19 before service charge & GST ($22.57 nett) I feel the price tag is too much to pay for this set of Hainanese Chicken Rice. At least I can say that I have ordered the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice that made its way into abillion top 50 few years ago!

Kudos to Privé for walking the #veganisnotscary talk and treating vegan and non-vegan stuff as

menu equals. So much so that I had to direct an omnivore to this option; said omnivore had come in meaning to try #fakemeat, but nearly ordered animal meat by mistake 😂

Fans of #hainanesechickenrice rejoice 🙌 This rendition has everything you loved about the fragrantly spiced rice, the cheeky medley of sauces, and the moist and tender pieces of #chicken. It does sate more quickly than once-alive chicken does, but hey 😏

"Finally a chicken rice you can eat", my friend told me. I let them try

the Heura chicken and they were impressed by it! I preferred the taoki more though. And the soup was flavorful and tasty! Awesome vegan dish and definitely something I'll order again!
Pardon the 3pic, didn't realise it is blurry. Guess I was too hungry 😅

#vegan #chickenrice

Wow this was great! The rice was utterly fabulous!!! The ginger went so well omg

and the soup was delicious! But I didn't like the Heura chicken too much, it was pretty tough and not so nice. Shared this with @lkmetta #vegbuddies. I feel that it is overpriced though as I can get chicken rice that's much cheaper and pretty good from 33 vegetarian (post before this). #veganisnotscary 👻

Came here the weekend before lockdown to #supportlocal. I really wanted to try one of

their newer dishes but saw that they had the chicken rice now at Somerset and could not resist 🙈 perfect flavours and would recommend to literally everybody who ever loved chicken rice. All the taste minus the cruelty!

No shocker that it’s in the #sgtop50 🏆

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