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One word: #veganheaven 😇 this is one of my all-time favorite dishes at Pizza Express!

It is SO CREAMY it’s hard to believe it’s vegan! The texture of the risotto and the mushroom flavors are PERFECT!! Would be great if there’s some beans for protein too. The portion looks small but I can’t really tell as I shared this + the mala pizza with @ianfx8888 and was very full. However for $16, I can’t eat this kind of meals every day. #vegbuddies

This dish contains vegan mozzarella, risotto, button mushrooms, black truffle, onions and rocket. This was

unbelievably very rich and creamy. #crfsg

Not impressive.
Great to see a vegan risotto on the menu but it was unseasoned.
There wasn’t

much flavour in this dish unfortunately. i used to have tons of Italian food (mainly cause one of my brothers and best friends loved it!) so I’ve done my rounds and this is.... not good.
Wouldn’t recommend paying for this at all.
#tryharder #fail

This non spicy full flavoured risotto is a must for mushroom afficionados. My buddy and

and i had this with the spicy impossible mala pizza.
The risotto has that porridge-like appearance for wet dish lovers but the texture is distinctly risotto as it has that subtle crunch(it mainly depends on how you prefer it).
If i had a complain, it would be portion size for a big eater who loves mushroom. @herbimetal #vegbuddies

Pardon the blurry and dark photo...doesn't do the dish justice! This truffle mushroom risotto was

made with vegan mozzarella cheese and very mushroomy and complex in flavours, I enjoyed it alot!! I like it better than the other dishes with beyond beef and omnipork. #crf

Hard to believe how this could be so creamy. Great combination of savory and user

of spices and I absolutely loved the taste. Portion may feel a little small for some people tough.


vegan mozzarella (Daiya), risotto, button mushrooms, black truffle, spring onions and rocket.

This dish was so

delicious it's the first one to go. Mild black truffle fragrance. Not very cheesy if you're wondering, and the risotto doesn't clump :D


By far, my favorite vegan Mushroom Risotto 😍Love how discreet, creamy and balanced the flavors

are of this risotto. 💚 I know Pizza Express is known obviously for their pizza but this is definitely worth a try. 😋

Not bad! Love the truffle and mushrooms! The nuttiness of the rocket leaves or arugula

(my favourite type of salad leaves) go really well with the risotto.

This was good, creamy mushroom risotto and black truffles is comfort food for me. A

bit of vegan parmesan would make this perfect.

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