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Also possibly the best pizza in Singapore, I can never decide! The chilli is too

much for me but I just put them on my boyfriends half and enjoy the residual spiciness left behind, love the mix of curry and kale too 😋

PS. This pizza is great as leftovers the next day, pop it in the oven to reheat and the kale goes super crispy and delicious!! Let me know if you try it ☺

This Vegan Impossible curry pizza was so good, my meat eating friends enjoyed it till

the very last slice.

Had to have this because they ran out of the teriyaki pizza and pasta #sadreactsonly

Kind of reminded me of the Beyond meat version, flavour wise. My omni dad liked it but maybe that’s because he had it for free as I was paying for dinner....

Personally, I preferred it when they used Beyond because impossible meat just tastes too real for me. Great for omnis who want to eat something healthier and better for the animals and the planet

Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water again. My favourite pizza! #crf

Great way to incorporate plant-based meat on a pizza! One of my favorites at pizza

express. Love the flavors of the kale, curry and lemon with the dough 💖🌿

Ways to improve: price point as demand gets higher and adding more sauce / vegan cheese on the base. Dough is thin enough that this isn’t a problem on this pizza but could be dry if there aren’t other toppings to supplement.

Impossible™ with vegan mozzarella, passata, red onion, red chilli, garlic oil and kale. Served with

a lemon wedge.
It tasted a bit spicy, love the Ionian and kale!
Nice 👍🏻

This was my first time trying Impossible and it was so good. I'd been vegetarian

my whole life before going vegan so I don't have a meat reference point but I usually don't like mock meat. This one doesn't have that texture and is very easy to eat. Delicious curry flavour! May be spicy for some. Loved this.

I was excited to try this pizza but was left disappointed by how dry it

was. We could hardly taste the vegan mozzarella that we paid and extra $3 for. Their past renditions of the impossible and beyond meat-based pizzas were way better.

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