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  • Ras el hanout Pita

Ras el hanout Pita

by Pita Bakery


4.42 (11)

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5 April 2022
The bread has a good texture but I wish they sprinkled more portion of the

spices! The spice is an Arabic blend of saffron, cinnamon, clove, etc. #sgeats #veganisnotscary #veganin2022

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18 January 2021
The #raselhanout flavored #pita was a good combination of #spice some of which I could

figure out and some not.

One of a few choices of #pita that they have. And you get 1 free for every 5 pita...

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20 July 2021
(the right one in the 2nd photo) the staff recommended this and explained what the

flavour is as cinnamon - i think that might not be the accurate name of the spice caus it's probably some Moroccan spice but yes cinnamon is a good way to describe what it tastes like!! can definitely feel the flavour coming through; this one can be eaten on its own

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28 January 2020
The infamous spice blend.

Like the garlic pita, this pita (the one behind) is also subtle in taste.

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22 February 2020
Lovely lovely spice blend on a beautifully baked pita bread.

Perfect with their hummus and falafels.

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27 February 2021
I dont really know what this was or what its suppose to taste like

but soft & warm!

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6 December 2020
My favourite pita flavour out of the many.

Soooo fluffy!!

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24 March 2021
Never had ‘ras el hanout’ elsewhere before.

I believe it’s a type of Moroccan spice. I can’t describe it because there’s nothing similar in Chinese food but I’ll definitely recommend people to try it cause it’s really good :)

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