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Another delicious #veganuary #takeout meal 😍 It’s hard to make this in a way that

I can’t enjoy so I really can’t be asked to make an objective review - It’s crispy, it’s nutty, it’s made of rice, and it’s deep fried! Also, it pairs nicely with their sambal if you happen to have a jar around 😇

This is a traditional Teochew snack made from yams. It’s really nice as a shared

appetizer and it goes great with the chili sauce.

This is described as pan-friendly traditional teochew bean curd roll with yam, jicama and peanuts,

served with homemade sour and spicy chilli sauce. Never had anything like this, although I did enjoy it it wasn’t my favourite thing we ordered. It was quite chewy and had a lovely crispy exterior. The portion size of this was quite good for the price (RM 15.30), compared to the other dishes we ordered (review coming).

#teochew #malaysianeats #sweetdreamsaremadeofgrease

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