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I saw they put kering tempeh (sweet dried tempeh) on the side of this dish

and I had to order it. Even @ishaan who isn't a rice fan liked the nasi lemak, and the soya with curry gravy was excellent.

Gorgeous plating! Food-wise the best item on the dish for me personally was the tasty

and spicy achar. A pity though that the nasi which should be the star of the dish was not lemak enough.

Papadum was good! Achar tastes more like satay sauce, can be more sour and spicy.

Rice was a mix of brown rice and basmati, which was nice and healthy, but not as lemak/fragrant as what nasi lemak nasi should be like. Rendang was nice, with chunks of chewy bouncy hericium mushrooms, but personally would have liked more gravy. Chilli was a sour-ish one instead of a sweet one, goes well with the other items nicely. The tempeh WON MY HEART it was crispy and sweet and fragrant yumzzzz i wish there was more haha. The cashews were also a nice substitution to peanuts.

Overall it was an enjoyable and well put together plate of nasi lemak, but would lean towards the healthy side rather than the original/true side.

This popular dish has coconut rice, curry hericum mushrooms, acar, homemade sambal, cashew nuts, tempeh,

and papdam. It’s a huge portion with a lot of variety. A definite Malaysian staple and it’s awesome that they have a high quality vegan version here.

Joint doles out multiple variations of nasi lemak (classic pictured). Great achar replete with coconut

oil 🍚, hericium, potato and tempeh 👍😘

This is a very vegan friendly place, with lots of local and non local dishes.

Although it’s a bit expensive compared to what you can find in Penang the portion sizes are large and the food was tasty.

My photo’s not the best but this was awesome! Super tasty, no complaints here.

Honestly I’m an idiot for thinking their “classic” #nasilemak did not come with a main

😩 In my defence, nasi lemak is traditionally just coconut rice, nuts, and deep-fried anchovies 🙈 I’ve been ordering their spins the whole time! Their classic comes with an amazing red #curry with #hericiummushroom filling in as a #meatalternative 🍄 My #significantomnivore found the curry a little too thick, and I must admit it’s a bit oily too, but think it’s great as a once in a while thing 😇 I’ll end my spicy food/curry binge here because it’ll be hard to top & frankly my arteries need a break 🫀 #unhealthyvegans #veganisnotscary when you can be just as healthy as them carcass enjoyers 💁‍♀️ #reviewwithaview #pbas2021

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