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I love the food here at Pine Tree Cafe! The owners are super friendly and

helpful. I ordered the green curry today because I overheard some at the next table say “omg this green curry is the most beautiful curry I’ve ever seen/had” 😂 so I ordered it too. and yes, I agree the curry was beautiful, a must try. My photo doesn’t really do it justice. Super delicious will definitely have time again 4.7/5

Fragrant and hearty Thai green curry, comes with rice. Highly recommend!

all dishes at Pine Tree Vegetarian Cafe are actually vegan! the thai green curry comes

with a choice of white or brown rice and you can also request the level of spicyness. i went for spicy - it was perfect and i loved the crunchy variety of veggies. also had some mock fish in it which i wasn’t too keen on but overall a great and filling dish for $6!

The curry had a really light texture, but it was quite a filling dish overall.

Had a mix of veggies, tofu and a fishy mock meat. Just mildly spicy, but still quite fragrant. I got it with brown rice and found the portions to be just right for my appetite. Price: $6

Pretty good. Sauce is a bit watery but the flavour is nice. The mock fish

really quite similar in flavour to mackerel, and the tofu was super tender and yummy. I had it with the brown rice. A filling and satisfying meal.

My favourite part of this was the mock fish. It tasted slightly different from mock

fish that I've had in the past. If you love brown rice, you might enjoy the very generous serving of it.

The curry texture is not creamy and thick and it is not spicy.

First taste of this dish reminds me of Thailand. Its d coconut milk of course,

and also our desire to travel.
For a while i pretended i was in the streets of Bangkok having thai street food.
The portion is very generous. Lots of taukwa, taupok as well as d beancurd 'fish'. Lots of cabbage, carrots, and other vege too.
Personally i find it a bit too strong on d coconut milk, could do more of the green or chilli part of the curry. So it's more of a milky curry.
But overall, its a pleasant meal and very generous with their portion.
What a good way to start a looongg working day.

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