JUST Egg Sandwich

  • Is JUST Egg Sandwich vegan? Yes! JUST Egg Sandwich is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Be the first in Singapore to try the deliciously innovative JUST Egg Sandwich. Available at our food truck outside the hotel from 12 - 9pm on 1 - 3 November and from 5 November onwards at the Oasis Restaurant.

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Most helpful reviews

I think I am the last one to review this JUST egg sandwich. 😁 This

was one of the food truck event I have attended. Abillionveg's staff was there and approached me for a review but I was overwhelmed with this delicious 😋 JUST egg sandwich. Who's not? The vegan egg patty was thick and fluffy like Mcmuffin! A vegan sandwich with fluffy vegan egg, vegan cheese, avocado puree, tomato jam and alfalfa sprouts was sold at S$5 only! 🙊🙉 Unbelievably cheap and delicious!!! #vmockmeat #burger #justegg #grandhyattsg #veganburger #veganburg #veganburgers #vegansandwich #veganegg #veganeggalternative

Never thought I’ll be saying this but omg Grand Hyatt’s Just Egg Sandwich is AMAZING!!!

Love it. Maybe it’s the mix of avocado purée, tomato jam, MELTED vegan cheese and corn bun!! Only $5! Come by Grand Hyatt before 9pm Sat 3/11 to get some delicious hot buns. Oh my. I can see myself going to The Oasis for more after the food truck is gone... also Alain’s from the local veg review app #abillionveg is amazing and is giving out Bamboo straws for reviewing!! #futurefood #plantbasedeggs #justeggs #bamboostraws #drklingeats #grandhyattsg #just #newconvert

Check it out folks the Hyatt in Singapore is still selling the #just egg sandwich.

They make a delicious patty and serve it with a homemade jam, sprouts and avocado 🥑 with a side of your choice. I had to get the wedges 🐶 and they were so good. Overall I’d really love to see these guys do a breakfast sandwich with this, I’m thinking sourdough muffin, some Follow Your Heart Swiss and a little bit of ketchup. And just scramble the eggs into something fluffy instead of the patty!

#grandhyattsg #justeggs

So happy they have #JustEgg here! 🥚 I find the tomato sauce in the burger

a bit overwhelming, it was all I could taste in the burger 🍔😕
The cheese though, was so delicious 🧀 I asked the waiter what brand it was and to my surprise he said it was the #Daiya cheddar slices!! I never liked Daiya’s mozzarella cheese because it has a weird taste but these Daiya cheddar slices taste pretty much like normal cheddar slices!
The waiter told us that they serve the #BeyondMeat sausages here, but they’re not in the menu yet. I hope they come up with more dishes with the JustEgg, like JustEgg McMuffin, scrambled JustEgg, etc.

A very healthy and hearty burger with avocado, tomato, alfalfa sprouts and melted vegan cheese.

The patty is soft but flavour is rich. Hope to see more Just Egg products in Sg! #grandhyattsg #vegan

Sorry for the bad photo :(
My friend got it for me haha so I took

the photo indoors.
I find it VERY creamy and dense. Tastes quite cheesy and honestly this could be because I’m supposed to be on this cleanse and I’m having a cheat day but this felt like A LOT to eat.
I need to try it again another time when I’m not on any type of diet. Ate a few bites and will have the rest later. Still, would recommend especially for those like things like an egg McMuffin.
#comfortfood #junkfood #GrandHyattSG

This burger is fantastic. Better than the real egg. The spices used highlights the eggy

taste. It is just a bit messy to eat but it is flavorful. #crfsg #grandhyattsg

FINALLY I’ve been waiting for this for soo long! (mine looks really lopsided oof) $5

for a vegan egg sandwich🤤 the patty is really crumbly but super flavorful! I love that it is made with corn buns too:” the pairing of the tomato jam and avocado puree is just to die for😩 not too salty but just right👌 also super filling despite its tiny size (yet worth it for its super thick patty!) :D definitely recommend!!! really wish it stays here permanently ahh #grandhyattsg

The Just Egg burger was very satisfying - I could see and feel the taste

of the ingredients such as the alfalfa sprouts, guacamole and the combination of ingredients used, especially for the patty, worked well. #grandhyattsg

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