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Review of JUST Egg Sandwich at Oasis Restaurant by vikas

photo of Oasis Restaurant JUST Egg Sandwich shared by @vikas on  28 Feb 2019 - review

Check it out folks the Hyatt in Singapore is still selling the #just egg sandwich. They make a delicious patty and serve it with a homemade jam, sprouts and avocado 🥑 with a side of your choice. I had to get the wedges 🐶 and they were so good. Overall I’d really love to see these guys do a breakfast sandwich with this, I’m thinking sourdough muffin, some Follow Your Heart Swiss and a little bit of ketchup. And just scramble the eggs into something fluffy instead of the patty!

#grandhyattsg #justeggs

s1224 have yet to try just egg and Vikas version sounds so good!! 😃Reply
vikas Hey Simone! Curious what you think. Personally I would love this like a breakfast egg sandwich on an English muffin. Hope they make it!Reply
s1224 couldn’t agree more Vikas! egg patty calls for a softer base than a burger..and i’m not convinced about their topings. or i would want it scrambled on an open sandwich. do they need vegan food consultants at the hyatt? 😋Reply