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Most helpful reviews

Finally a new herb-y addition to a fast food place! Really enjoyed this one! #crf

Served with a generous serve of pinenuts and fresh basil this satisfied a craving I

have had for a good pasta pesto since going vegan.

The linguine is al dente. The cashew cream spinach sauce was cold and bland. There

is supposed to be oyster mushrooms but I don't see or taste it. Cold pasta dish is not appetizing. Ate half only because I am hungry.

#coldpasta #spinach

Lunch time pasta time! This was a little dry and needed a good dose of

salt to bring out the flavours. I added a little hot water to make it more saucy. Good portion size though.

Easy eat of blended herbs. Generous with sauce, with distinct basil taste. Simple, hot dish.

Other than pasta and pesto sauce, pine nuts and pumpkin seeds are added as toppings.

Decent pasta but did not pass the taste test of my non-vegan diner. Lack of

salt perhaps ? 😛

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