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This one is the #1 dish at NomvNom and it is just so good. Lion’s

mane breaded fried patty with homemade truffle mayo (love that) and mushrooms. Had it with charcoal bun which is very nice too! Top up $1 for that. #crf

This burger should totally win #sgtop50 again! Sautéed button mushrooms on a lion’s mane patty

with a tender texture reminiscent of chicken and juicy AF 😱🤤 Fungi lovers will love the awesome shroom on shroom action in this one 🍄❤️🍄 #lunchatabillion #veganuary

This is easily the best dish we’d tried at nomVnom! It was so fragrant that

the moment they set the plate down you’d know exactly what you’re in for! It was crunchy and extremely savoury. I would definitely come back just to order this burger again 😝✨ #veganuary #veganuary2021 #burger

I'm kinda really late, but I finally got to try this extremely popular burger well-liked

by customers. It tastes amazing and the flavour combo is just great!! I love how the truffle mayo goes so well with the lion's mane patty, with a hint of button mushroom flavour, everything fits perfectly. The bun was surprisingly soft too!
With an addition of a glass of ice matcha latte, there is nothing more I can say. Hurry and head down to geddit! #crf

Love this lion's mane mushroom patty - it's actually relatively minimally processed so you can

still savour the taste and texture of actual lion's mane mushrooms! This burger isn't too rich overall either. #veganuary

MASSIVE burger for such an affordable price! it tasted SO much like fish, so good

if you wanna satisfy your fillet-o-fish cravings 👌🏼👌🏼 nice and fresh veggies too


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