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Most helpful reviews

The assam curry taste is quite strong. Hence it tastes sour but pleasant because it

is suppose to taste like this - that sour assam spicy taste !!!

Very nice if you like curry and assam plus it comes with Japanese udon while thick noodles to chew upon.

Very nice !!!

Verdict : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

A must-try! The chickpeas are blended with the curry sauce resulting in a thick consistency.

It is spicy, savoury but not sour. Nevertheless, this is very delicious with generous portion of tau pok.

It tasted as good as it looks! The mildly spicy and tangy gravy complemented the

chewy udon with soft chickpeas, beancurd skins and puffs, potatoes (what is curry without potato, right?) and an assortment of vegetables. #cherishfootprints

Not alot of chickpeas, for a dish called chickpea udon? Nonetheless still had many ingredients

such as taupok, cabbages, long bean, etc. The assam soup tasted a little like assam curry and not that sour to my liking but still really yummy! I would eat it again.

Oh, this dish is a WINNER. The assam curry is delightfully rich, tart and savoury,

with a spicy punch that doesn't tip over into unbearable. Love the potato chunks, as well as taukwa and tofu skin. Hearty and good for sharing - the only downside is I don't think I could eat a bowl of this udon on its own!

If you are a curry lover am quite certain you will have no regrets ordering

this. The delish curry with the chewy udon is belly satisfying to me. 😋

Am now interested to try their other udon dishes. (:

Love this super tasty dish. The sour assam curry mixed with the udon and different

ingredients of choice is to die for! 10/10 would recommend 😋

Strong taste and still warm at time of delivery. Lots of taukee and veggies.

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