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i was worried i wouldn’t like this at first, but i really enjoyed it! it

tastes really fresh and i looove the sauce the soba noodles comes in. the serving of veggies are really generous, and i love that there are fruits and crunchy bits in it! as i paid, i complimented the dish and was promptly told that it’s their signature dish 🤩 doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why! it’s a bit on the pricey side but that’s because the restaurant uses only organic ingredients, so it’s understandable. now that i’ve tried this, i’m really lookin forward to tryin the other things on the menu 💘 #abillionlove

Like the Charcoal Noodles at the same restaurant, this dish combines cooked noodles with raw

or lightly cooked veggies. #crf

My go to dish on d few times im at this eatery.
One of those

pleasant dishes, feels healthy with a nice subtle mix of balance from all ingredients in this salad. the soba n d seaweed n sesame dressing is such a light nice balance of all sensations. and taste. even d crunch is light n subtle.

Soba salad. My friend liked it but I guess I'm not a fan of Japanese


Very nice and there’s seaweed, cucumbers and carrots !

This is probably one of my fav dishes here. Though it looks really unassuming, the

taste, the texture and the smell are soooo good. I’ve come back for a few times and always love to try new things on the menu yumss 😋

Perfect for this hot and humid weather. Aunty was very friendly and helpful.

Salad was tasty. I love the dressing. Wished there were more protein.

My friends and my niece are big fans, but it’s not a favorite of mine

compared to all the other great dishes on the menu.

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