Review of Sesame soba at New Green Pasture Cafe by evilratking

photo of New Green Pasture Cafe Sesame soba shared by @evilratking on  26 Feb 2021 - review

i was worried i wouldn’t like this at first, but i really enjoyed it! it tastes really fresh and i looove the sauce the soba noodles comes in. the serving of veggies are really generous, and i love that there are fruits and crunchy bits in it! as i paid, i complimented the dish and was promptly told that it’s their signature dish 🤩 doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why! it’s a bit on the pricey side but that’s because the restaurant uses only organic ingredients, so it’s understandable. now that i’ve tried this, i’m really lookin forward to tryin the other things on the menu 💘 #abillionlove


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