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Most helpful reviews

I’m a big fan of vinegar and ginger. To enjoy this dish you must really

like vinegar. Fortunately, I do. #crfsg

I’m a big fan of both ginger and vinegar. So this dish is a sure

winner with me.

Warning: this is to be ordered only by people who really like ginger!!!! Luckily I’m

one of those 😛 so I really enjoyed this.
I thought it was a bit expensive (12 sgd) when I ordered but I was impressed when the plate came!

Reminiscent of my mum's ayam masak kicap during my non-vegan days. You have to be

able to balance the sour, sweet and fatty notes to bring out the best out of the dish, which they did really well. There were generous amounts of shitake shrooms, vegan mutton chunks & black fungus and a few bites sized pieces of braised ginger in the stew. Served with brown rice, sautéed greens & a raw salad with creamy dressing. Chock full of nutrition and a truly nostalgic dish imo!

The best ginger Vinegar rice set, yummy! Sourness just nice!!

If you like the dish originally, you probably would like this. But sour for me!

But very refreshing~

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