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  • Sweet potato ring

Sweet potato ring

by New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant


4.47 (6)

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2 May 2022
Haven't had 🍠 since 1942.

Reliving the experience thru kindred tubers. Sweeter root perhaps.. still grateful for its existence πŸ˜‹

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22 August 2022
Love the veges in it!

Sweet potato ring is sth new to me… usually have yam ring basket. πŸ˜‹ this is unique

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2 February 2022
Really unique take on your usual deep-fried yam rings.

This was stuffed with mock meat, grilled vegetables, and cashews. A favourite at the table

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13 March 2022
Vegan option available!

A very unique take on the traditional classic yam ring, great for people who dislike yam / people like my mum who is allergic to yam. The ring was naturally sweet with a texture that was simultaneously creamy and powdery. Fried but somehow still felt light and clean, not greasy or...

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30 August 2020
Super delicious sweet potato ring!

Sweet potato is smooth and the dish does not taste oily even if it is deep fried

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6 July 2022
My dads birthday so we ordered in!

First time trying this dish and it’s really unique as usually it’s yam but it’s sweet potato in this dish! πŸ‘πŸ»

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