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Miso steamboat

by New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant


4.56 (5)

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30 June 2019
First time having a vegan charcoal steamboat !

They offer vegan option please tell them you like it vegan

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15 January 2021
Highly recommended.

Never knew miso and soy milk to be such a good match as soup base.

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12 August 2019
the soymilk soup base tastes like the kind you get in vegan fish noodle soup -

creamy, savoury and not too thick. they have an interesting ingredient in this hotpot which is peach gum, i normally see this only in chinese desserts. this came with a whoooole lot of veggies like broccoli, naibai, black fungus, shimeji mushrooms and huai shan (chinese...

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2 March 2021
This soya milk miso steamboat was really flavourful and creamy!

Only downside is that the variety of ingredients in the hotpot was pretty limited (broccoli, mock meat, peach gum, ShiMeiji mushrooms, radish, chestnuts) with a lot of black fungus and red dates. But the soup was delish! 🤤

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28 December 2020
The Soy Milk Miso Charcoal Hotpot cost $25 for a small serving.

The rich broth was filled with assorted vegetables, tofu wantons, yellow bean mock meat, as well as nourishing ingredients like peach gum and Chinese yam huai shan. Quite unique and generous!

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