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Mala Xiang Guo

by Nature Vegetarian Delights


4.24 (27)

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23 September 2019
Spice level 3. I think I will stick to level 2. #crf

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Enjoyed the spicy goodness of the Mala Xiang Guo from Nature Vegetarian Delights. We ordered

the Medium Spicy option but boy, was it spicy. The monkey head mushrooms, lotus stem and the tofu chunks were a nice accompaniment to the spicy noodles and the chillies. We had the bamboo shoots as an additional option. Set us back by ~36 SGD. Inclusive of the oddle delivery , a nice meal for a family under $50
#mala #crazyspicy #vegansingapore

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Read other reviews and thought that better to order Level 2 Mild Spicy (some commented

that Level 1 is no spicy at all).
But, turns out Level 2 is very spicy for me! (I usually take Level 1 for non-vegan version)

It was so spicy that i couldn't taste the ingredients and didn't finish the dish 😓

Will keep to Level 1 next time.


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Took my non-veg friends here for some Mala and it didn’t disappoint! They have sooo

many options including tempeh which is really good. Plenty of mock stuff for my mock-meat lovin peeps! Sooo good and spicy 🌶🌶
think we got the second highest or the highest level

Day 6 #veganisnotscary

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$10.80! $2.30 for 100g, min $10. younger sister got the mildly spicy, and it was

really really mild HAHA could barely taste the spice but it was good enough for her!! sometimes mala gets too spicy to be enjoyed but this was just right for her. they have a huuuuge variety of things for the mala including lions mane mushroom!! and even dumplings:O not bad overall, wasn’t super oily I think as compared to other mala places but definitely still unhealthy as all mala is HAHA

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Mala xiang guo is a dish from Sichuan and is a very popular dish in

You will choose the ingredients that you want to eat and choose the different level of spiciness (small, medium, large). The dish is charged by weight of the dishes. (recommended to find people to share this dish).
The Mala xiang guo at Nature Vegetarian Delights restaurant is $2.30 per 100g.

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Everything 5 stars except for price! They have a huge variety of veg ingredients so

it's really a vegan heaven! I especially liked that there's tempeh, which is not something you get with regular MLXG. This bowl for 2 pax cost $19 nett. They charge $2.30 per 100g. I would definitely eat this again but maybe just not regularly.

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Personally don't usually eat mala xiang guo but I've been told this is one of

the best veg mala xiang guo around. Liked that monkey head mushrooms were available as an option! ($2.30/100, minimum $10)

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