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by Mong Cha Cha Cafe 梦茶茶
4.22 (8)
  • Is Pholicious vegan? Yes! Pholicious is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

Mong Cha Cha Cafe 梦茶茶
Mong Cha Cha Cafe 梦茶茶127 dishes · 433 reviews

Singapore's 1st 100% plant-based bubble tea cafe. We serve waffles, ice cream, pizza, pasta and udon.

79E Toa Payoh Central, #01-75, Singapore 315079

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Most helpful reviews

Amazing dish pho real. The soup is beautiful, and you get a good mix of

fresh veggies too. Top marks.
Fully vegan cafe in Toa Payoh. Serves hot food (pho, pizzas etc), waffles and ice creams, and a huge range of teas too. Singapore needs more vegan cafes like this.

Broke my heart to hear that the Mong is shutting its doors for good in

Toa Payoh in May. The pho has improved in the recent months. Soup is extra fragrant from all the spices and dried shallots.

Go show your support while you can.

Savoury flat rice noodle soup with complex, distinct flavours of basil, mint and herbs. Served

with soy-based ‘sausage’ slices, gluten and other ingredients. Like the soup!! :) #sgsoup #vietnamese

Love this pho. Very herby and the generous amount of basil leaves was wonderful, added

so much depth to the broth.

Soupy flat rice noodles with hints of basil and lime juice, served with 'sausage', 'fishcake',

'minced meat', and leafy greens. Soup was nice but noodles were slightly mushy/overcooked. Personally would have liked a higher ingredient to noodle ratio, especially vegetables or non-mock protein like mushroom and tofu. P.S. Plating was done by yours truly ($8.90)

New and improved version of the Pholicious does its name justice - it is a

delicious pho! Fresh herbs, an umami broth, the texture of the mushrooms and just overall a beautiful dish.

A new dish that wasn’t on the previous MCC or nomvnom menu. Big fan of

pho, not the best i’ve ever tasted but still pretty good. $8.90

Soup is sweet but missing the pho kind of taste.. would still prefer the pho

from kind bowl though.. 😅

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