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Could only take top shot cos my bottle isn’t transparent. 10% off for BYO. I’m

usually finding drinks too sweet but this was quite the contrary - it had pretty light sweetness and the bitterness of the matcha 🍵 came through. Nice in a way though it could do with a bit more sweetness. The boba was sweet. They gave me extra cos they were clearing stock at the end of the day and it was really a lot of boba. So, so happy for this #dairyfree boba shop where finally I can order anything.

This is even better than the starbucks pure soy matcha latte!

I’ve generally outgrown my hitherto die-hard love for matcha latte mainly because a lot of

cafés flatten/dilute the matcha flavour with milk. But I decided to get this because it was one of the very few mong cha cha options available as one of nomvnom’s meals so why not. I don’t really regret it - the matcha taste is dynamic and rich and the soy mylk gives it a smooth texture without overpowering the matcha. It’s a well-crafted matcha bubble tea. Unless I’ve remembered wrongly, I believe mong cha cha sources their matcha from Matchaya, whose drinks and soft serves I love (their vegan matcha and houjicha soft serves are the best green tea-flavoured soft serves I’ve ever had.)

An interesting mix of matcha and mugi tea, with the latter lending a roasted flavour.

And the boba are so satisfying, you gotta have another serving! #cherishfootprints

这个抹茶拿铁非常的丝滑,珍珠也很有嚼劲。个人感觉抹茶味还可以再浓一点,也有点后悔没把珍珠换成红豆,但是25%的甜度对我来说非常完美。最重要的是自带杯子有折扣! 周二下午人比较少,能坐在店里喝奶茶发呆是真的爽。

The matcha latte was very smooth and the pearls were chewy. I thought the

matcha taste could be stronger and lowkey regret not getting red bean instead of pearls but the 25% sugar level was perfect for me. Most importantly they have a discount for byo! There's not many people here on a Tuesday afternoon and it's really nice to sit down,drink bubble tea and do nothing.

Can't leave Fortune Centre without grabbing a cup of MCC even though the last 2

drinks I had with their oat mylk were hit and miss. I decided to go with soy milk this time cos you can't go wrong with matcha + soy combo! Default sugar level is 50% which I found a bit too much for me so will ask for less next time 🍵

I got 20% off due to Byo + member discount but still don’t think it

was worth the money 😅 frankly speaking the (bamnut?) mylk overwhelms the taste of the tea and makes it almost unpleasant 😂 I will not be repurchasing unless I get soy / oat/ less strong tasting milk.

Love the fragrant taste of uji matcha! The pearls are chewy and goes very well

with matcha ❤️ not sweet cause we asked for 25% sugar, next time shall opt for 0%

Loved this! The matcha was strong enough without being overly bitter, and there wasn't the

powdery soy taste that some soy milks have! Got free taro pearls as a promo on top of the regular pearls. Both were good and had a chewy texture that held up even after a few hours!

Ask for soy or oat milk! The matcha is from matcha yam so it’s on

the more earthy side.

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