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Price:-$4.50 (Bean Curbs +$1.50)
It was surprisingly super yummy!! It was not

too salty and the gravy was great! The crispy fried bean curb added points for it. Really good 👍🏻

First time ate here. Amazing place. Drinks, food, snacks everything in the entire coffee shop

is vegan.
We tried the dumpling noodle soup and nasi lemak(this is a bit $$$).

Nice. Slightly creamier version of laksa.. added the deep fried bean curd which makes the

laksa a lot yummier~ 🌱🤍

Topped with beansprouts, taupok, smokey 'char siew', and crispy fried 'lard'. Broth was not bad,

albeit not really spicy and without a strong coconut aroma. Some toppings were also kind of unconventional haha. Overall not one of my top favourites but still quite nice! (Allium-free, $5) #sglocal #socialenterprise

Impressive stuff. The laksa gravy was just the right amount of lemak. Appreciated the copious

amount of taugay and taupok. Sambal was dope as well.

Finally got to try the new vegan laksa here, as it’s only available some days

of the week! It is delicious and has some mock meats in addition to the bean sprout and tau pok. I still think nothing can beat nearby Kwan Tzi Zhai $3.50 laksa but this comes pretty close!

I would give this a 7/10 or 8/10.
The gravy was quite good, though pretty spicy.

Noodles were cooked well.
I do wish there is more ingredients inside though.
There was a few pieces of tau Hoo pock, some bean sprouts, and some mock bits (char siew?) that tasted like “bak kwa”. And also no Laksa leaves… but it was still good

Went for my regular vegan Wanton Mee fix but thrilled to discover Vegan Laksa being

offered this weekend at one of the other stalls. Best laksa gravy I’ve had so far. So authentic, imo the closest in taste to katong laksa. Stall operator said trial period only, for this weekend, to gauge response. Hope it becomes a regular item!🤞

Overall a really good laksa, the fried yuba is amazing! Generous portion of food items,

including tao gei (bean sprouts)!

However, in terms of the broth, I think I still prefer the laksa broth from Greendot a little bit more as I find it to be slightly richer in flavor and consistency. But this one at Makan Vegan is a really close alternative at a much cheaper price though

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