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Quite a lot of veggies and springy noodles! The vegan coffeeshop concept is so cool

Glad to see tofu in this dish. A big serving. Hope I can finish it.

Dish is tasty and well prepared. There were 3 slices of fried fish made of

soy with seaweed; soft tofu cubes, xiao bai cai greens and seaweed in vegan milk broth. The broth had a umami taste that can be improved with more seaweed or even seaweed toppings. The ramen noddles were al dente. $6.80 per portion and not cheap. I will be willing yo pay for availability of vegan options when I am in the area.

At $$6.80 for a bowl of ramen soup, I do find it rather expensive,

but as it goes towards Mummy Yummy's work off helping the vulnerable in our society such as the elderly poor and homeless, in this instance I don't mind. I did wonder why the fish ramen costs over than a dollar more than the other fish soup dishes. The ramen noodles are good though,.cooked on point with a nice springy texture.

I feel like veg fish soups taste different from regular fish soup. This one is

also lacking that seafood taste but honestly one of the best veg fish soups I’ve tried. I definitely recommend!

A really affordable plant based ramen with mock fish, greens, mushrooms! Seemed like a popular


this was not bad!! 🙂 the ramen can be quite filling

Noodle soup with mock fish, seaweed, tofu and lots of miso flavour! Delicious almost fishy

taste! 😁

The ramen was really nice and springy. Broth was okay with flavour but rather salty.

Didn't like the mock fish very much, it was a little hard and greasy. I like that there were some mushrooms, minimal bok choy, tomato and cubed tofu in it. Garnished with some seaweed.

I am so stuffed 😵 For S$6.80 I must admit that I expected a little

more #veganfish 🐠 What they lacked there though they made up in #savoury 😋 If not for the #bandung I had on the side I would’ve downed the entire bowl!

There’s #tofu and #mushroom in there too plus a whole lot of #seaweed — super good for you! I wish they had #chillioil on the side instead of just chopped up bits of #chilli butter I still managed to make up on the #spicy that Singapore is so sorely lacking 🤪

#veganuary #allveganrestaurant #leavethefishinthesea

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