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Most helpful reviews

This soup was nice and salty, flavorful, and I loved the vege in it that

was nice and soft.

The dumplings were soft, although a little too soft, as half the dumplings we spooned out broke into the soup.

The filling was quite good, so through nothing that really popped in flavor.

The dumplings are filled with ingredients. If you like dumplings, you might like this cause

I do 😋💚

I won’t normally order soupy stuffs for delivery but heck,had wisdom tooth removal last week

n needed soft food for a couple of days n no energy to cook.

This was really just so-so.
Soup is tasty but the wantons were really so small. I took it out from d soup cos it was soggy alrdy.
It came wth cai xin and tht’s it.
I understand tht food costs hv increased and all,but really, a bit more effort in having a bit more stuffs in the soup wld be nice.

This dumpling soup goes well with my wanton noodles.
Yes it is my top favourite

Now they are open 24 hours for some selected stalls. Do check out their fb pages for more updates.

These vegan dumplings tasted lovely. The soup was yummy as well.

the dumplings were nice, and they gave a good portion of veges too!

Loved the simple favours of this dumpling soup. Would have loved more vegetables, but apart

from that I loved it :)

these were okay only! wish they were bigger 👀 had a peppery flavor when you

bite into them

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