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Curry Rice

by Makan Vegan Geylang


4.63 (7)

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6 October 2023
curry rice !! super yummy and rich did not disappoint,, its so nice having a

fully vegan kopitiam 😭

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First time trying any food from this all vegan coffeeshop! 😋 everything tasted good. Loved

the beancurd, beancurd skin! Curry is flavorful.

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Finally got the chance to try this and yet again makan vegan didn’t disappoint. Really

enjoyed the curry rice with extra fried tuba on the side.

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White rice drizzled in curry gravy, served with braised tau kwa topped with chilli paste,

fried yuba stuffed with textured vegetable protein, and fried cabbage. I've never eaten Hainanese-style scissors cut curry rice so I don't have a basis for comparison, but this was tasty nonetheless! Only available from 11am-7pm. ($5.80)

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Look at the enormous serving they gave me! The food was practically falling off my

plate. Came with tofu topped with chilli, yuba and cabbage. Full of different flavours, healthy and hearty. The curry reminds me more of Japanese curry rather than local ones, as it tastes mild rather than hot and spicy.

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Authentic curry rice.. think it’s the scissors cut style which I love. The crispy yuba

is so so good! 😊

Belly happy.. happy belly.. 🌱

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