Vegan O-Luak

by Loving Hut
3.72 (15)
  • Is Vegan O-Luak vegan? Yes! Vegan O-Luak is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Loving Hut is my favourite place to go for vegan variants of Singapore’s amazing local

(hawker) fare. They have satay, coffee nuggets, Teochew 5 spice rolls, otah, laksa, char kway teow, meepok, laksa, even buah keluak and siew mai!

Having not had Orh luak (oyster omelette) in a really long time since becoming vegetarian, I knew I had to go for it when I saw it in the menu despite the assumed high calories.

I was not disappointed- it was crispy and gooey where it needed to be, and I savoured every bite. The Chili sauce with lime definitely hit the spot too.

Another interesting thing about eating at Loving Hut is reading all the literature they have advocating a vegan or vegetarian diet, including a whole list of famous people who are vegetarian!

This O-Luak very delicious, only sell on weekend! The flour is crispy and others are

as good as real oyster egg 😃
It is a must TRY!!! yummy ❤️❤️❤️

The O-Luak was the special for the night but it was a big let down.

It was like a crisp unflavoured pancakebreakfast- definitely not healthy nor delicious. The only redeeming factor was the stuffed mushrooms.


💛VEGAN ORH LUAK💛 Immense cravings for this dish led to a Sunday rainy evening adventure

with my parents to Joo Chiat! Loving Hut’s menu is SO extensive we had such a difficult time picking our food. This vegan orh luak is not quite the same as the original one (it’s more of a pancake) but with the chilli - it’s the bomb! 🌶🌶

i love loving hut but this isn’t amazing considering there are some very awesome vegan

orh luaks available in singapore. the sauce is great but the orh luak itself tastes and looks more like a korean pancake with oyster mushrooms in it.

My weird addiction.

O-Luak with white rice. 🤓

love the beancurd skin love the

chewy flour mixture love the straw mushroom (the only time I accept straw mushrooms) love the cilantro love the chilli. Nothing beats having all these loves with good o plain white rice. 😋

Local delight veganised right. 👍🏻

We thought that this dish almost tasted like Korean pancake but found out that o-luak

was oyster omelette. Omelette was fresh, crunchy, and chewy inside with lots of mushrooms and seaweed. Went well with the spicy sauce :)

Funny how they substituted oyster mushrooms for real oysters here. The egg didn't have the

signature mixed crispy and gooey texture of the original, and the mushrooms never felt like they belonged. The chilli, on the other hand, was the right blend of spicy and sour and saved the dish, somewhat. Go into this expecting a mushroom omelette and you won't be disappointed.

Interesting way of cooking this o-luak. Tapioca flour is not added to the omelette like

the traditional way, instead it was made into a crepe-like thing. This combination is surprisingly delicious. Generous serving of straw mushrooms, beancurd skin and coriander. Chilli(not pictured) is great too. This o-luak is not oily like the regular ones. Love it

It was tasty but I find that I prefer the version by Flavours by Sauté

much more maybe because that one has tofu to substitute the egg. This was just the flour batter, and I am not sure what else?? with mushrooms. Got to say they were much more generous with the straw mushrooms than Flavours by Sauté! Chili sauce could have been spicier.

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