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  • Lion Mane Shrooms Claypot
  • Lion Mane Shrooms Claypot

Lion Mane Shrooms Claypot

by Loving Hut


4.31 (9)

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3 April 2021
The lion mane shrooms very juicy and crunchy!

Sauce are good and it is yummy 😋

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29 November 2020
YAAAAAAS this was the star of the dinner - the lion mane mushrooms were crispy on

the outside, coated with a sticky 3-cup (三杯) sauce. Seasoning was PERFECT. A little on the pricey side for $20 but it was a big serving, good enough for sharing among 4 🥰 #veganin2020

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10 May 2021
Another great dish from Loving Hut 😍 the lions mane mushrooms hold so much of

the sweet and sour type sauce and are so meat like. The water chestnuts, peppers, and Chinese dates give lots of different flavours too 😋 #abillionturns3

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2 September 2020
second time here and this time it’s for my birthday!

absolutely love love love everything, the food is just all so good!

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22 January 2021
This dish is definitely full of rich savory umami flavour.

Added chestnuts, bell peppers, chinese dates makes it super nutritious and awesome!

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4 May 2022
Lion mane mushrooms, chestnuts, and assorted colourful vegetables in a nice gravy.

I liked the taste, however I was not such a fan of the texture of the lion mane mushrooms which were slightly chewy/spongy. ($20)

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9 February 2020
All time favourite.

Never really tried this in a claypot style before but it was quite savoury.

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14 August 2019
Loved this dish, I love claypots and monkey head mushrooms are a favourite of mine!


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14 October 2020
Yummy mix of flavours and textures in this claypot.

I love lion's mane mushrooms no matter what, because the texture is so interesting. That makes this dish a real joy to dig into.


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