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  • Lh Char Kway Teow Set

Lh Char Kway Teow Set

by Loving Hut


4.41 (35)

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30 May 2021
Stopped by here to pick up some lunch after going to OASIS which is just

across the street. Love their char kuay teow and easily my fav vegan version so far. It had the ‘char’ flavour which I find is lacking in some other vegan kuay teows I’ve had in the...

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20 December 2020
This dish is not as oily as the ones I've tried from other restaurants.

It is so delicious and has a nice wok hei flavor. #veganin2020

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14 April 2021
Old time supper favourites okay sure char kway teow shouldn’t be as expensive but

you don’t find a good vegan one so often 🥲 except for the one from Gokul! Greasy but not real-charkwayteow-greasy which is just right for me. Not gonna lie was suspicious about the “eggy” bits and forgotten we were in a fully vegan restaurant lmao 😂

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3 April 2021

Maybe too many dishes and soooo full! Usually this is my favorite dishes that must order from LH. Still delicious man...

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21 February 2021
This got to be the best char kway teow in the whole world!!!

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11 February 2021
The kway Teow was so good ❤️ tasted a bit sweet but still yummy.

The soup was normal.


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16 January 2020
Best vegan CKT in Singapore 🤤 Springy rice noodles packed with amazing wok hei and


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19 June 2021
Big serving, my friends, big.

I wasn't even expecting the little sides, but highly appreciated! They were successful to get the wok hey into the kway teow, which I sometimes miss~ and I liked the better balance of the kway teow and the vegetables and some of the protein stuff. It's slightly on the oily side, but yah... paying respect to...

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15 February 2020
Has wok hei and tastes great without feeling too oily or bloated.

Came with soup, samosa, pickled vege and lime but we forgot to squeeze the lime until the last mouthful 🤣Brought a friend to try their dishes and she still found it very tasty compared to non-vege ones✌🏼

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