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The tension between me & Love Handle burgers 🥵💦 I got so flustered writing about

their OG #burger yesterday 👉 that I decided I absolutely *must* have one of their #burgers today 🍔 Always the right call 🙌 The even better call was to go splitsies on this and their broccolini side 🥦 Like the OG, it’s their #homemade #burgersauce that really brings this together ✌️ Everything else builds on the shoulder of giants with amazing Impossible Foods #burgerpatties and (probably) Violife #cheddar slices 🧀 At S$21 it also comes with a side of #fries for an extra artery clogging guarantee 👍 If you’re living the #unhealthyvegans lifestyle any other way, you’re doing it wrong 😜

OMG THIS WAS SO SO #SOGOOD 😭 PURE #VEGANHEAVEN 🍔 Their cheapest burger at $10,

it had a super meaty Impossible patty and delectable vegan cheese 🍔 seriously #spoiltforchoice for #sgveganjunkfood. They use the same patty and cheese in all their burgers I believe so they taste quite similar. BURSTING with flavour! I did find the patty slightly dry. Ate this for dinner after having the Ramli burger for lunch. Ate the 🍔 by itself with soy milk, I think it would be filling enough but it was so good I wanted more and still had space, so ate some dessert. I really applaud their effort to use compostable packaging. Still I find it to be quite a lot of waste. It'll be great if they have an option that you can check to bring your own container for pickup (and maybe give a small discount) since they're trying to encourage people to be environmentally-friendly after all. Would try to request to bring my own the next order. Will be back! #bestpicks

Juicy marinated smashed #Impossible patty with its iconic red beetroot juice, melted #Violife cheddar cheese

slice, pickles, caramelised onions, and lettuce tucked between burger buns, served with fluffy fries. My non-veg family was blown away by the patty and cheese; they kept asking me whether I was sure it wasn't real meat and cheese haha. Even a hardcore anti-veg food family member and self-proclaimed cheeseburger lover admitted that this was really impressive. A classic done well! Though once again I will say I wish there could be a small side salad along with the fries. P.S. The cheeseburger comes with a single patty and single cheese slice; there's also The Love Handle OG that comes with double layers. (Contains alliums, $19) #sgvegan

Was craving for this burger yesterday and decided to walk-in. As delicious as this is,

it’s quite difficult and messy to eat. The patty keeps slipping out of buns, no matter if u eat it with hands or cutlery. The only way to eat it is to separate the top bun and use fork and knife. Also @hemantagarwal111 was super annoyed cos they made ordering so hard. You have to download an app and do a bunch of stuff . Took us more than 15 mins to just order.
Anyways the burger itself was 10/10. #veganburger

So nice! My first impossible burger and I’m so impressed with how close the texture

is to beef mince <3 I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t because usually my friends would get a regular beef burger and I would too. This time I went with my vegan vegetarian friends and I ordered along with them.

Food really does involve the sharing of culture - happy to try and will look out for more impossible burgers next time.

Also, I love my beef - my family and I are the sort who (sometimes unknowingly) blends entrecôte cuts to get a better burger patty with cheddar cheese on top 😋 and I must say I could actually swap it. Cheers to new perspectives ! #impossibleburger #approved

tried the classic cheeseburger this time for $12.50 and it was SO SINFUL 🤤 cheaper

than some of the meat burgers offered by the rebranded store 👀 not the healthiest, but i loved the pickles inside this one, plus the goey melty vegan cheese 😍 + impossible patty with pink insides to replicate the meat version perfectly! even my non-veg friends were suspicious of the cheese 🤣


burgers from lovehandle never fail to make me feel like i’m being transported into an

american diner. the brioche buns are lightly toasted and fluffy, it’s got lil perfect hamburger pickles in it.. the patty is sucha sweet duet of greasy and juicy, it spooks me sometimes how ‘real’ it tastes. they just need to add mylkshakes to the menu and im tellin ya, a combination of both the two would be earth shatterin’ 🤠 #veganin2020

SO GOOD! Delicious and smoky. The cheese melted in the patty and the sauce was

everywhere. It was a messy meal but damn it was so good. The bun looks dry BUT it’s the tastiest burger bun ever! I love how it’s kinda toasty on the top but soft inside. I would eat this again! 🥰 #abillionturns3

Loveeeee their burgers so much! Took this photo a while back but ordered it again

a few days ago. The cheese was so good, although i feel that their other burgers taste better (is impossible losing its touch or the patty should've been cooked differently? /gasps/)

//21 Dec 2021

Issyooo boy back again dropping reviews!

These love handle food is just the best way to

start your Sunday afternoon! Y’all hafta try, it’ll keep you hunnid💯


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