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Tempura Broccolini

by Love Handle


4.16 (29)

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3 May 2021
No le tenia nada de fe 🙈 pero estaban deliciosos 🤤❤️ súper crujientes y venía

con una salsa para untarlos que estaba sabrosisima 🥳🥳🥳 ultra recomendados

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15 May 2020
Airfry this to restore the crunch.

Never got around the broccolini hype but this was good, apart from the tempura batter there seemed to be something potatoey in it? They also currently have a promo code: LOVEHANDLE15 for 15% off 🌟

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9 December 2022
How have I not reviewed this before?

🤯 I’m a huge fan of #broccoli and anything #broccoli in general 🥦 It’s simple; Just the vegetable itself coated in a #batter and cooked as a #tempura. They nailed the crunch to every bite and got the softness just right 😉 Best #sidedish in the restaurant!

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13 July 2021
Brilliant idea both for creating tempura out of broccoli, and for battering broccoli in stick

alike bite-sized. Easy to pick and dip.

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15 May 2021
Wow I haven't tried broccolini before 🥦 smaller and longer than broccoli but tastes

similar. These fritters were pretty nice. There was a lot of veggie content, more than I...

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26 July 2020
Apologies for the not so great photo, but I started eating these the moment I

opened the box. Oh YUM! Way better than the fries that came with my cheeseburger.

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20 May 2020
By far the yummiest tempura anything I’ve ever had.

I loved this so much. Don’t know what they add in their tempura batter to make it taste so good! It also tasted also a little smoky (like the smokiness from kale chips) 💯 The gooey and slightly sweet tempura sauce that came with it was great too

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24 July 2020
Slightly oily, but it’s pretty tasty.

The sweet soy drizzle is a nice touch.

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23 May 2020
Crispy batter matched with pretty broccolini~ generous serving too.

Please support this 100% plant based burger place. Current promo for 15% off till end May~ use code: withlove15

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18 May 2020
Find it so creative to pick broccolini to be tempura-ed!

And it works wonderfully well with the teriyaki(?) sauce. Also love that the florets are large instead of made nugget size.

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