Wild Mushroom Crystal Dumplings

  • Is Wild Mushroom Crystal Dumplings vegan? Yes! Wild Mushroom Crystal Dumplings is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

yayy so many mushrooms! swipe left to see the steamed goodness dim sum for the

2pax course meal! #veganin2020

The filling was nice, but wish the outer skin (a bit jelly-ish) was thinner 😬


Part of the dimsum high tea promo (randomly chosen menu each day). Filling was bland

and skin was too thick for my liking. Personally my least favourite dimsum here.

Wild Mushroom Crystal Dumplings ($4.80 for 3 pcs)

This was pretty good, my family really

liked the texture of the dumplings 👍🏻😗

The crystal dumplings weren’t super impressive. The skin was too thick for my liking but

the fillings were really really good, very well seasoned.

Koi-looking dumplings with juicy rich mushroomy taste in every bite 👍

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