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  • Firecracker Monkey Head Mushrooms
  • Firecracker Monkey Head Mushrooms

Firecracker Monkey Head Mushrooms

by LingZhi Vegetarian - [email protected]


3.99 (16)

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15 August 2020
Instant crowd pleaser.

Fried just like karaage or the shilin style cutlets. Both which I miss. Never had monkey head mushrooms that were this...

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5 July 2022
Quite a boastful description, their menu, for what is essentially just #deepfried battered mushrooms with

some #chilli 🌶

“Monkey Head Mushroom is one of the traditional culinary treasures, otherwise known as the famed mountain treasure. To prepare this dish, the monkey head mushroom is first marinated with fragrant sauces, then mixed with dried chill), cashew nuts, peppercorns, ginger and Sichuan pepper oil, amongst other seasonings; before it is stir-fried to...

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9 July 2021
A traditional Sichuan flavor!

Really yummy with the spice and cashew nuts! A great dish to pair with rice for sure!

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23 October 2021
Really enjoyed this dish, it is fire indeed with the dried chillies and the monkey

head mushrooms were crunchy outside and juicy / meaty inside.


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6 October 2020
We added this dish on to try as it's their signature dish.

The portion is HUGE. About 4 people can share this! We couldn't finish it so we packed the...

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27 September 2020
Loved this dish.

It was an overkill of dried red chilli but the taste and texture was on point. Enjoyed the chewy feel of the mushrooms. Mala pods exploded in my mouth with gay...

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19 July 2020
Love this dish!

Vegan version of the Sichuan dish Kung Pao Chicken. The monkey head mushroom was just cooked to the right texture that gives the chewiness. A must order from this restaurant.

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4 June 2020
Going vegan I thought I’d never have 辣子鸡again, obviously would never have chicken ever again.

This dish uses monkey head mushrooms or lion mane which are the perfect whole foods replacement. The seasoning is peppery and slightly spicy / 麻but I think anyone can tolerate this level of spice.

My only disappointment is that the mushrooms should be drier and less soft, they’re a bit too oily.

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26 August 2020
Surprisingly tasted so much like chicken with its crispy ‘skin’ and tender ‘meat’.

A little not spicy and not very oily. Must come back for more!

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