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I love mala but it can get super oily & spicy. This "fire cracker" dish

strikes the perfect balance of spice without the oil. The fire cracker monkey head mushrooms are crispy outside while soft & juicy inside. The cashew nuts, celery slices, ginger are a perfect combination adding crunch and texture. The Sze Chuan peppers & dried red chillies added just the right amount of spicy & a little numbing on the tongue. I enjoy eating the spicy dried chillies too as they were so fragrant & not too spicy. It is so appetizing - each mouthful makes you want to eat more! 开胃!

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Loved this dish. It was an overkill of dried red chilli but the taste and

texture was on point. Enjoyed the chewy feel of the mushrooms. Mala pods exploded in my mouth with gay abandon. Cashews balanced out the taste with their sweet groundedness.

Quite a boastful description, their menu, for what is essentially just #deepfried battered mushrooms with

some #chilli 🌶

“Monkey Head Mushroom is one of the traditional culinary treasures, otherwise known as the famed mountain treasure. To prepare this dish, the monkey head mushroom is first marinated with fragrant sauces, then mixed with dried chill), cashew nuts, peppercorns, ginger and Sichuan pepper oil, amongst other seasonings; before it is stir-fried to perfection.
It has an interesting chewy texture which leaves a pleasant aftertaste that you'll come to reminisce”

The texture for sure is spot on, but not just myself but the lot of us actually found it lacking in heat and flavour in general. It’s good, but hardly the best I’ve ever had. You get a spicy kick from having it with the dried chilli, but really I was expecting a peppercorn burn at the very least from eating this. A repeat order for sure, but simply because #sweetdreamsaremadeofgrease and this was is unhealthy as their menu gets 🙄

Really enjoyed this dish, it is fire indeed with the dried chillies and the monkey

head mushrooms were crunchy outside and juicy / meaty inside.

Instant crowd pleaser. Fried just like karaage or the shilin style cutlets. Both which

I miss. Never had monkey head mushrooms that were this fresh. You could tell when you bite and it tastes frozen before, usually it's stiff. It was on the softer side which felt like the fried lard that used to be in my bak chor mee. Texture-wise it's sooo similar to what I remember of chicken that impressed my flexiterian family. I do think it's not 麻 or 辣 enough though it builds up. Would love it even more if there's different levels of spice. Definitely will come back for the dim sum 😋

Going vegan I thought I’d never have 辣子鸡again, obviously would never have chicken ever again.

This dish uses monkey head mushrooms or lion mane which are the perfect whole foods replacement. The seasoning is peppery and slightly spicy / 麻but I think anyone can tolerate this level of spice.

My only disappointment is that the mushrooms should be drier and less soft, they’re a bit too oily.

My favourite dish out of all. This is a replacement for firecracker chicken if i

remembered correctly. It was decently spicy and crispy as well but oily cos it is deep-fried. It was well seasoned and goes well with a bowl of rice which balance out the oiliness. 😋

Could scarcely believe it was monkey head, the texture isn’t stringy/ meaty at all but

more glutinous and gooey?? Fam likened it to niangao, someone on here said it was like animal fat XD. Wasn’t a fan but my bro loved it lol COs it was deep fried and spicy. Had a mala kind of seasoning. The cashews were my fav part

Love this dish! Vegan version of the Sichuan dish Kung Pao Chicken. The monkey head

mushroom was just cooked to the right texture that gives the chewiness. A must order from this restaurant.

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