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by Lilac Oak


4.55 (8)

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17 August 2021
New vegan cafe Lilac Oak just opened near somerset mrt!

I didn't know it was vegan till I looked at their menu as they have not been advertising this explicitly. Their menu change daily. I tried their bibimbap and it was delicious even when I heat it up at the end of the...

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15 February 2023
Delicious hearty wholesome dish full of fresh vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu, topped off with tangy

kimchi and spicy gojuchang. Generally I liked it, although the menu mentioned the rice would be "sweet potato rice" but I didn't taste sweet potato - perhaps it's meant to be subtle and I missed it. In any case, this dish was flavourful and satiating.

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23 April 2022
A simple, healthy and enjoyable plate of bibimbap.

Would be perfect if served on hot stone.

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20 March 2022
Vegetables, tofu, mushrooms & homemade vegan kimchi on their special sweet potato brown rice with

housemade gochujang! I like how they're using those japanese short grain type of rice so it's sticky & chewy, there's a few sweet potatoes as u dig thru the rice👀 I just hope that there could be more ingredients to go with the rice😅

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27 June 2022
One of the best vegan cafes in Singapore I must say!!

The bibimbap and charred corn were so delicious 🥹🥹 Portions can get a little large in my opinion so do share if you wanna try their yummy waffles!! Bosses and staff are really friendly and nice, definitely worth a visit 💗

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12 October 2021
Sweet potato brown rice bowl topped with grilled tofu cubes, seasonal vegetables (cucumber, carrot, mushroom,

sprouts), as well as homemade gochujang Korean chilli paste and sesame seeds. Special shoutout to the handcrafted kimchi, which was flavourful despite being allium-free! FYI Lilac Oak's boss/chef also runs the home-based business...

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7 December 2021
Most of the bibimbap I tried was in a sizzling pot but is the first

time that was presented on a plate. I felt this was a healthier version of bibimbap without having to eat burnt rice and it taste great! So far my favourite dish here!

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