Pandan Gula Melaka Ice Cream

by Kind Kones
4.16 (10)
  • Is Pandan Gula Melaka Ice Cream vegan? Yes! Pandan Gula Melaka Ice Cream is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

A very quick but productive stopover where we got to drop by and get dessert

from a completely vegan ice cream store. All the Asian flavours were calling out to us and it was so hard to choose just one flavour ...

The first lick, you taste Pandan, then after that you taste Gula Melaka.
Best ice

cream ever💯💯💯

Pandan flavours come through at first then the gula melaka fills up the spaces, with

notes of sweetness. Smooth and creamy, a great ice cream overall!

The cone was an add-on which was crunchy and tasty but it did form sharp edges. This made it hard to consume the ice cream once its level was lower than the cone. The end had some chocolate filling which was rich.

Price could be lower #crf

Missing my old ritual of going to village grocer near my Gran’s in KL and

stopping by at the kind Kones for a 10am Ice cream at a cheaper price than in Singapore... always went for this flavour because it’s the versatile one for any time in the day and it’s pretty light too! Had my #nutfree friend who’s not had pandan before try some and he was blown away by the flavour and absolutely loved it!

This tastes sorta like Pandan Chiffon Cake with Gula Melaka. Which I love! Really creamy

but not too dense. Look at @xueqi noticing her favourite sea salt caramel wasn't available.

$6.5 for two standard scoops! kind kones is a lil pricey so this is just

for occasional indulgence but ugh it’s so good🥺 really creamy and sweetness is just right, had a tinge of gula melaka flavor with a burst of pandan which I love!! really liked this, and the combination of this plus the salted chocolate chip below is weirdly good HAHA

The panfan gula melaka is superb!! Yummy max!! Chocolate is dark and bitter, just the

way I like it! Gonna visit them whenever I'm at orchard!

Overall flavour was a little too mild for my liking 😅 personally, could use much

more Pandan flavour, but gula Melaka taste was there, and Stronger than the Pandan.

Cone sold separately.

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