Blue Planet Ice Cream

by Kind Kones
4.36 (36)
  • Is Blue Planet Ice Cream vegan? Yes! Blue Planet Ice Cream is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I loved this flavour! Especially with the chunks of matcha cake in between. Forgot the

other ingredients but it was creamy and dreamy with a hint of almond and coconut. Blue pea makes it an interesting pastel blue against the black charcoal cone which was great in itself. It had a little chocolate surprise at the end.

#veganin2020 #veganicecream

I've eaten lots of ice cream cakes and cakes topped with ice cream but never

had cake *in* ice cream. This one had chunks of matcha cake mixed into it and was made with 3(!) types of milk (coconut/ cashew/ almond), resulting in 3x the richness of dairy ice cream. The look on @judihe's face says it all :3

The blue planet (top layer) contains coconut, cashew and almond milk, butterfly pea flower (which

makes the color very pretty), vanilla and matcha cake. The ice cream has a strong coconut flavor, smooth texture and very creamy. #crf

made with butterfly pea and a coconut/cashew cream base with matcha cake chunks! understandable that

it mainly tasted like the coconut base since butterfly pea doesn’t have a distinct taste 🌎🦋🍵 #jaan

Easily my fav ice cream flavour here. Love the concept on making a ‘clean’ ice

cream and always feel healthy eating the ice creams here #sgtop50

Wow! Both the flavors worked so well together! Totally going back again! #icecream

Who doesn’t like a free scoop of ice-cream? Kind Kones offered a scoop of their

Blue Planet ice cream to celebrate Hearth Hour last Saturday! It is made of coconut, cashew and almond milks, butterfy pea flower, vanilla and pieces of matcha cake. Really enjoyed the subtle coconutty taste. The mixture was sweet all together, but I couldn’t quite feel the other ingredients. Except for the pieces of matcha cake, which slightly rough texture brought an unexpected yet pleasant contrast to the ice cream’s softness. Quite unlikely the flavour I would order among all others but it was nice to try! Also, I’m pretty sure it tasted even better as I dabao-ed it in my reusable mug!! 🤗

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